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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tom Hanks - My Number 12 Choice as a Disney Legend

My number 12 choice is quite well know, in and outside of Disney circles. I think his qualifications are obvious, but here are a few of Tom Hank's Disney career highlights.

  • He is the voice one of the most iconic voices in animation history - Woody from Toy Story. I think Woody even looks like Tom Hanks.
  • He played Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks. Who else can say that? I thought he did a pretty decent job. 
  • He starred in the film Splash, which was the first film released under the Touchstone label. 
  • He played Scott Turner in the Turner and Hooch, another Touchstone film. 
  • He starred in in the ABC sitcom Busom Buddies. This was before Disney owned ABC - but if Dick Clark is a Disney Legend for American Bandstand then..... 
  • Like Don Knotts and Tim Conway, Tom Hanks should join current Disney Legend Tim Allen so Buzz and Woody can both be honored.

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