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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Burt Gillett - Choice number 13 for a Disney Legend Honor

Burt Gillett is a throwback to the very early days of the Disney Studios. He was director of animated films for the company and directed some of their biggest early successes. He was also known as quite the bombastic presence in the offices, according the memories of Disney Legend Eric Larsen. Here are some of his Disney Highlights:

  • He was the director for Disney's first "Mega-Hit" the Three Little Pigs. This animated short won an Academy Award.
  • He directed the first Silly Symphony to be done in color - Flowers and Trees, which also won an Academy Award.
  • He directed a total of 15 Silly Symphonies, including ones with an early Mickey Mouse and the introduction of Pluto.
  • He is the only early director of the Silly Symphonies not to be named a Disney Legend.

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