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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tiny Cline - Choice number 11 for a Disney Legend

Tiny Cline is perhaps the least know person so far on this list, but she made a big impact.She was the first Tinker Bell at Disneyland to glide down a wire connecting the Matterhorn to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. She played tinker Bell from 1961-1954 at Disneyland. She was 71 years old when she began her career flying through the night skies at Disneyland.

Prior to her work for Disney she was a circus performer known for her equestrian feats and for her ‘slide of death.’ A short career, but what a gal! She performed her role until cancer took her life in 1964. Check out her death defying act in New York in the video below, prior to her years with Disney!

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