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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Owen and Dolly Pope - Disney Legend Choice number 16

Owen and Dolly Pope are the second duo I am thinking should be named Disney Legends. This married couple are the only people to live at Disneyland! This makes them some of the coolest people on the list. They were the original horse and pony wranglers in what would become the Circle D Corral.
Some other highlights of their careers with Disney:

  • The couple originally lived at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and began training the horses there until the park opened.
  • Besides teaching horses and mules how to behave, they also helped build wagons and coaches for the new park.
  • As preparations were underway for the opening of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Owen built the harness and riggings for the horses at the new resort from his home at Disneyland. In January 1971, he and Dolly moved to Florida, where Owen helped supervise the building of Tri-Circle-D Ranch. A few years later, in September 1975, Dolly became the first Walt Disney World Resort cast member to retire, followed by Owen in October.
  • Due to their efforts in the Florida park, they received a window on main street next to the car barn. (I took this photograph on a visit to the Magic Kingdom).
  • The dog who served as the model for Tramp from the animated feature Lady and the Tramp live out his life with the Popes at their home in Disneyland!
  • It has been reported that the new Star Wars Land will displace the Pope House at Disneyland.

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