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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Eleven Disney Legends announced - only three of them were on my list

The Disney Company recently announced their 2017 Disney Legends. They are:
  • Mark Hamill || Luke Skywalker in Star Wars 
  • Carrie Fisher* || Princess Leia in Star Wars 
  • Stan Lee || Marvel Publisher 
  • Wayne Jackson || Walt Disney Imagineer (Audio-Animatronics and construction) 
  • Clyde “Gerry ” Geronimi* || Animator, 1931-1959; Supervising Director of Sleeping Beauty 
  • Manuel Gonzales* || Animator and Comics Artist, 1936-1981 
  • Garry Marshall* || Film Director (Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries) 
  • Julie Taymor || The Lion King Broadway Director 
  • Oprah Winfrey || Because why not?
*deceased at the time of the announcement

UPDATE - Later additions were made to this list and they include actress Whoopi Goldberg and Marvel creator and writer Jack Kirby. Goldberg was on this list at the time of the announcement. Kirby was not, but he was on my radar. He is a great pick to go in with Stan Lee.

The names marked in red are the only names I have included on my list thus far. I had anticipated in including Manuel Gonzales and Wayne Jackson in the top 250. I do have a list of nearly 10,000 names I put together as I put together this blog. All of these names were on the the "Big List." I am going to leave Stan Lee and Gerry Geronimi and just edit them to include the fact they have been "chosen." It will be interesting to see once I get my 250 done, how many get chosen over the years. I will not be including Gonzales or Jackson in the blog now however.

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