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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nine Disney Legends announced - only two of them were on my list

The Disney Company recently announced their 2017 Disney Legends. They are:'

  • Mark Hamill || Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
  • Carrie Fisher* || Princess Leia in Star Wars
  • Stan Lee || Marvel Publisher
  • Wayne Jackson || Walt Disney Imagineer (Audio-Animatronics and construction)
  • Clyde “Gerry ” Geronimi* || Animator, 1931-1959; Supervising Director of Sleeping Beauty
  • Manuel Gonzales* || Animator and Comics Artist, 1936-1981
  • Garry Marshall* || Film Director (Pretty WomanThe Princess Diaries)
  • Julie Taymor || The Lion King Broadway Director
  • Oprah Winfrey || Because why not?
*deceased at the time of the announcement

The names marked in red are the only names I have included on my list thus far. I had anticipated in including Manuel Gonzales and Wayne Jackson in the top 250. I do have a list of nearly 10,000 names I put together as I put together this blog. All of these names were on the the "Big List." I am going to leave Stan Lee and Gerry Geronimi and just edit them to include the fact they have been "chosen." It will be interesting to see once I get my 250 done, how many get chosen over the year. I will not be including Gonzales or Jackson in the blog now however.

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