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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Slim Pickens - my 135th pick as a Disney Legend

Actor Slim Pickens is my 135th pick to be named a Disney Legend.

He acted in several Disney movies: The Great Locomotive Chase as Pete Bracken, Tonka as Ace, Never a Dull Moment as Cowboy Schaffer, The Apple Dumpling Gang as Frank Stillwell, and famously The Black Hole as the voice of Old B.O.B.. He also played Ewald Plunkett in the Swamp Fox, Old Bill Williams in The Saga of Andy Burnett, Newt Pribble in  Bristle Face, and other roles, appearing in at least 19 episodes of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. He was Rafe Jeffers in Wagon Train and Wiley Crup in Savage Sam. He played Bucky Steele in the television film Runaway on Rogue River.

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