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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pete Crimmings - my 132nd pick as a Disney Legend

Pete Crimmings, an executive for the Disney Theme Parks is my 132nd choice to be named a Disney Legend. He worked for the company for many years in several different capacities. He has a window at the Magic Kingdom near the Crystal Arts store, along with Bob Allen, Dick Evans, Bill Hoelscher, Bob Mathieson and Bill Sullivan. Allen, Sullivan and Mathieson are already Disney Legends. Crimmings was, along with these gentleman, an initial member of the Park Operating Committee. He was in charge of the transportation department for some time at Walt Disney World.
At Disneyland he was in charge of Tomorrowland for some period of time as well. He was mentor to Disney Legend Tom Nabbe as well.
He is a difficult guy to get any research done. I would love to know more about him, but I figure he was part of the opening day management team at WDW and he is on the Main Street window with a bunch of current Legends. He is mentioned often is memories of Legends like Bill Sullivan and Marty Skylar, so he must be rather deserving of this honor.

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