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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nancy Olson - my 123rd choice for a Disney Legends honor

Nancy Olson is my 123rd pick to be named a Disney Legend. She was is several live-action Disney films, many of them enduring classics to this day.

Her Disney roles included Nancy Furman in Pollyanna, Betsy Carlisle in The Absent-Minded Professor and Son of Flubber, Sue Baxter in Snowball Express and a brief cameo appearance as a Ford Secretary in Flubber.

Jeff Kurtti once interviewed Olson for the Walt Disney Family Museum. Below is a portion of the article: "After a long hiatus from the screen, Nancy received a call from her agent stating that Walt Disney had asked if she would consider being in a new type of film he was producing that would boast top notch Hollywood acting talent. She had planned to go to California anyway and agreed to test for the part of Nancy Furman, the housemaid in Pollyanna. She was offered the part and accepted. She noticed immediately how different the Walt Disney Studios were from the other Hollywood studios. It was clean and there was a sense of family. It was an outgoing and friendly atmosphere, she remembered. She and Walt Disney understood each other. They both had a Midwestern upbringing and therefore understood one another from the beginning."

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