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Friday, March 31, 2017

Al Weiss - my 128th choice as a Disney Legend

Al Weiss is my 128th choice to be named a Disney Legend. He was president of worldwide operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the division of The Walt Disney Company that operates eleven theme parks and multiple resort hotels at seven sites around the world including Paris, France; Shanghai, People's Republic of China; Penny's Bay, Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; Hawaii, United States; Anaheim, CA, United States and Orlando, FL, United States.
Before being appointed to his most recent role in November 2005, Weiss served as president of the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida since 1994. He was named executive vice president of the Florida resort in 1996. Meg Crofton succeeded Weiss as president of Walt Disney World Resort in 2006.
Weiss began his Disney career as an 18-year-old Walt Disney World cast member in 1972. His first job was a "z-runner", a financial analyst who zeroed out cash registers at the end of shifts. He evidently was a ping pong champion in a cast member's tournament on year as well! In total he worked for the Disney company for 39 years when he retired in 2011.

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