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Friday, March 3, 2017

Lisa Keene - my 101st choice as a Disney Legend

Lisa Keene, my 101st choice as a Disney Legend,  is a background artist, character designer and visual development artist who has worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios since 1982. She is renowned for her works as a visual development artist and background supervisor.

Her Disney filmography includes:

1983    The Black Cauldron   
1986    The Great Mouse Detective 
1988    Oliver and Company     
1989    The Little Mermaid   
1990    The Rescuers Down Under   
1991    Beauty and the Beast
1993    The Nightmare Before Christmas     
1994    The Lion King 
1996    The Hunchback of Notre Dame        
1997    Hercules         
2001    Atlantis: The Lost Empire     
2002    Treasure Planet         
2007    Enchanted     
2009    The Princess and the Frog    
2011    Winnie the Pooh       

2013    Frozen

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