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Friday, May 27, 2016

Tim Burton - number 42 as a Disney Legend

My 42nd choice as a Disney Legend would be current director and animator Tim Burton. Personally I don't like his style or his movies, but some of them have been big hits for the Walt Disney Company. Below is a list of some of his biggest film contributions to the company:

1981       The Fox and the Hound                 Animator 
1982       Tron                                              Animator 
1982       Vincent                                          Director
1983       Hansel and Gretel                         Director
1984       Frankenweenie (short)                   Director
1985       The Black Cauldron                        Animator / Conceptual Artist 
1993       The Nightmare Before Christmas    Producer/Writer
1996       James and the Giant Peach                Producer
2010       Alice in Wonderland                         Director
2012       Frankenweenie                                Director
2016       Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass           Producer

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