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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bill Thompson - choice number 38 as a Disney Legend

Bill Thompson is my 38th choice as a Disney Legend. He is a voice actor famous for his portrayal of Droopy Dog.  For Walt Disney studios he voiced the White Rabbit and Dodo in Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Smee in Peter Pan. He also was the voice of King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty.

His best showcase may well have been in Lady and the Tramp, where he was heard in no less than five dialect parts, as Jock the Scottish Terrier, Bull the Cockney bulldog, Dachsie the German dachshund, Joe the Italian cook, and the Irish policeman in the zoo. He also helped in the singing a couple of the songs from the movie, including Bella Notte.

In shorts, he was heard as Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore in several "Donald Duck and Humphrey the Bear" entries and as Professor Owl in two music related shorts, Melody Time and Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom. Thompson was the first actor to voice the comic book character Scrooge McDuck, as well as a little known character - Grandpa Duck. He was J.J. Fate, the Common Man and his Common Sense in How to Catch a Cold, an elderly Spike the Bee in Let's Stick Together. He was the voice of the Irish station manager Flannery in "Pigs Is Pigs" and of Uncle Waldo from The Aristocats.

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