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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beverly Butrum - 36th choice as a Disney Legend

Beverly Butrum is my 36th choice to be named a Disney Legend. Her name is not familiar to most Disney fans, but she was an intricate part of the Disneyland parks for nearly four decades.

Butrum, was a Disneyland hostess for nearly four decades. During her years at the One-of-a-Kind Shop and later at the Disneyland Art Gallery, Beverly became friends with the artists and “Imagineers” of Walt Disney Productions, including Walt Disney’s brother, Roy O. Disney. In fact, Roy told Beverly in confidence that they were secretly buying orange groves in Florida to build what would eventually become Walt Disney World. After 37 years with Disneyland, Beverly retired in 2003. Hundreds attended her retirement celebration at CafĂ© Orleans and she was given a Main Street USA window in her honor, which she took home!

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