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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pete Docter - my 150th pick to be named a Disney Legend

Pete Docter, my 150th choice to be named a Disney Legend, is an American film director, animator, screenwriter, producer and voice actor who is best known for directing the Pixar animated films Monsters, Inc. and Up, and as a key figure and collaborator in Pixar Animation Studios. The A. V. Club has called him "almost universally successful." He has been nominated for six Academy Awards (one win thus far for Up - Best Animated Feature), three Annie Awards (winning two), a BAFTA Children's Film Award (which he won), and a Hochi Film Award (which he won). He has described himself as a "geeky kid from Minnesota who likes to draw cartoons."

His most recent film that he directed was Inside Out, which was released on June 19th, 2015.

Feature Film Filmography

1995 Toy Story Story/Head Animator Pixar
1998 A Bug's Life Additional Storyboard Artist
1999 Toy Story 2 Story
2001 Monsters, Inc. Director/Story
2005 Howl's Moving Castle English Dub Director/Executive Producer: US Version Studio Ghibli
2008 WALL-E Story Pixar
2009 Up Director/Story/Screenplay/Voice Actors (Kevin and Campmaster Strauch)
2011 The Muppets Creative Consultant Walt Disney Pictures
2013 Monsters University Executive Producer Pixar
2015 Inside Out Director/Story/Voice Actor (Bill's Anger)
2019 Toy Story 4 Story

Animated Shorts Filmography

1997 Geri's Game Animator Pixar
2002 Mike's New Car Director/Story
2003 Boundin' Special Thanks
2008 Presto
2009 Partly Cloudy
Dug's Special Mission Executive Producer
2011 La Luna Special Thanks
2013 The Blue Umbrella
Party Central Executive Producer
2014 Lava Special Thanks
Toy Story That Time Forgot
2015 Sanjay's Super Team
Riley's First Date Executive Producer/Voice Actor (Bill's Anger)
2017 Lou Executive Producer

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