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Friday, June 23, 2017

Alex Kupershmidt - my 148th pick as a Disney Legend

Animator Alex Kupershmidt is my 148th pick to be named as a Disney Legend. He is considered one of the best animators in the Disney studio today in both hand-drawn and CGI. He is a graduate of the animation department at the School of Visual arts in New York and joined Disney at the opening of the Florida studio in 1989. His Disney debut was on Roller Coaster Rabbit and it was shortly followed by his position as animator in the Florida Gaston and Aladdin units.
Some of his Disney credits are:

(1990) Roller Coaster Rabbit (Animator)
(1990) The Rescuers Down Under (Animator: Percival C. McLeach)
(1991) Beauty and the Beast (Animator: Gaston)
(1992) Aladdin (Animator: Aladdin)
(1994) The Lion King (Supervising animator: Hyena Clan)
(1998) Mulan (Supervising animator: Khan and General Li)
(2002) Lilo and Stitch (Supervising animator: Stitch)
(2003) Brother Bear (Supervising animator: Koda)
(2005) Chicken Little (Animator)
(2007) Meet the Robinsons (Animator)
(2008) Bolt (Animator)
(2009) The Princess and the Frog (Lead animator: Shadow Demons)
(2010) Tangled ​(Animator)
(2012) Wreck-It Ralph (Additional Animation Support)
(2012) Paperman (Final Line Animator)
(2013) Get a Horse! (Animator)

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