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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Diane Disney Miller - Choice number 25 as a Disney Legend

I personally wanted to make sure Diane Disney Miller, the oldest daughter of Walt Disney, was in the top 25
of my list. She recently passed away, but I am sure here husband and children would appreciate her being named as Legend. She was the keeper of the Walt Disney flame, so to speak. she made sure that the true and accurate Walt Disney was presented to the public, not the one of myths or political hack jobs. Here are some of her contributions to the Disney company and the memory of Walt Disney himself:

  • She organized and made sure the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco was opened in 2009.
  • She and her sister, Sharon, have long been recognized as Walt’s inspiration for Disneyland, a place he created for families to have fun together.
  • Disney Miller was instrumental in pushing ahead with the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The project was initiated with a $50 million gift from her mother in 1988, but was stalled for a time due to cost negotiations. Disney Miller ensured the original design by Frank Gehry went ahead, and the hall finally opened in 2004.
  • She and her sister Sharon appeared in Walt Disney's first ever one-hour TV production called One Hour in Wonderland.
  • She  was the wife of former Disney CEO Ron Miller.
  • She published a series of eight pieces for the Saturday Evening Post in 1956 titled "My Dad, Walt Disney", co-written with Pete Martin.
  • She was present at the Disneyland birthday celebration on July 17, 2005 where she read her father's original dedication of the theme park from fifty years prior.
  • She appeared in or consulted on numerous Disney related documentaries and biographies, including Walt: the Man Behind the Myth.
  • The film Saving Mr. Banks is dedicated to her memory (Disney Miller died shortly before it opened theatrically).

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