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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Robert Stokes - my 71st pick as a Disney Legend

Robert Stokes was an animator for Disney Studios during their heyday years when they first began producing feature length animation. He is credited with helping to develop and draw the evil queen in
Drawing of Evil Queen by Robert Stokes
Snow White. His work with Disney includes the following:

1940  Fantasia (animator - segment "The Nutcracker Suite")
1940 Pinocchio (animator - uncredited)
 1939 The Autograph Hound (Short) (animator - uncredited)
 1938 Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (Short) (animator - uncredited)
 1938 Ferdinand the Bull (Short) (animator - uncredited)
 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (animator)
 1937 The Old Mill (Short) (animator - uncredited)
 1937 Woodland CafĂ© (Short) (animator - uncredited)
 1936 More Kittens (Short) (animator)
 1936 Toby Tortoise Returns (Short) (animator - uncredited)

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