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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lucille La Verne - 66th choice as a Disney Legend

My 66th choice is Lucille La Verne, who had only one role for Disney Studios, but it was a big one. she was the voice actress for one of the greatest Disney villains of all-time, the wicked step-mother/witch in Snow White. She also provided some live action inspiration for her movements and gestures. Cari Keebuagh observed "One particularly popular legend claims that Disney, unsatisfied with the voice of the Hag, asked La Verne to try the scene again. She excused herself to the restroom, returned, and performed the lines in a perfectly sinister and “hag-ish” voice. Disney, impressed, asked what she had done in the restroom. La Verne answered him that all she had done was remove her false teeth."
You can read her article on La Verne here.

I have noticed the voices of the Disney villains do not get a lot of love from the Legends committee. Maybe it time to change that!

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