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Friday, September 30, 2016

Eric Goldberg - My 51st choice as a Disney Legend

Eric Goldberg is a Disney animator and director and has worked on such projects as Aladdin, Frozen and Wreck it Ralph. He has also animated extensively for Warner Brothers.
Below is his partial Disney filmography.

1992      Aladdin  Supervising Animator: Genie
1995      Pocahontas         Director
1998      Hercules              Supervising Animator: Philoctetes
1999      Fantasia 2000     Supervising Animator: Duke/Yo Yo Flamingo
2000      Rhapsody in Blue  Animator
2000      Emperor's New Groove   Animator
2005      Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years  Animator
2006       Fox and the Hound 2      Animator
2009      The Princess and the Frog              Supervising Animator: Louis
2011      Winnie the Pooh               Supervising Animator: Rabbit/The Backson
2012      Paperman   Animator
2012      Wreck-It Ralph   Animator: King Candy/ Sour Bill
2013      Get A Horse!       Supervising Animator: Pete/Hay Wagon Band
2013      Frozen   Supervising Animator
2016      Moana  Animator: Maui Tattoo's

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