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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lloyd Beebe is my 88th pick as a Disney Legend

My 88th choice for the Disney Legend honor is animal trainer Lloyd Beebe. Former woodsman, hunter, and Arctic explorer who later became an animal trainer and with his wife, Catherine. Founded the Olympic Game Farm which served as the location for Disney wildlife features ("Disney's Wild Animal Ranch") from the 1950's. The farm, which was home to a variety of animal stars from bears and cougars to lions and jaguars, was opened to the public in 1972.
His work as an animal trainer and camera work can be seen in Charlie the Lonesome Cougar, The Vanishing Prairie, Those Calloways, Jungle Cat, Nikki, Wild Dog of the North, Antarctica: Operation Deepfreeze, The Incredible Journey, Wonders of the Water Worlds, A Tale of Two Critters, King of the Grizzlies, Killers of the High Country and The Legend of Lobo.

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